by by Marco Solorio



Friday, December 1st, 2017: 8:10PM
Q&A to Follow with the Filmmakers!

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“10/10ths” is a true story of dreams, struggles, and unwavering perseverance in grassroots motorsports. Follow the journey of a team of everyday individuals, as they build their first BMW M3 racecar from the ground up in only 5 weeks to compete in the United States Touring Car Championship racing series. This inspiring motorsport documentary is a quest for wins but brings unique life lessons... some harder than others. These life-lessons take you and the race team on a journey unlike any other, with unexpected twists and turns from the initial racecar build, to the racing circuit, Bimmerfest, Monterey Festorics, autocrossing, to the final 2-hour endurance race. This documentary is a collaborative endeavor between Executive Producer Marco Solorio, race team owner Joe Gaffey, and Producer/Publicist Suzette Mariel. “10/10ths” is single handedly crafted by award-winning filmmaker, director, cinematographer, editor, colorist, and music composer, Marco Solorio.